California Drinks More Wine Than Any Other State

As Tupac once said, "California knows how to party" — and he was right. The National Institutes of Health examined national drinking trends, and according to the findings, residents of the Golden State drink more wine by volume than any other state, which isn't that surprising considering California is home to the most wineries in America by a longshot — 86 percent of them, to be exact.

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Runners up include Florida followed by New York, Texas and Illinois. Wyoming drinks the least wine, then West Virginia, North Dakota, South Dakota and Alaska. In their defense, these states are among the least populous. The top five vino boozers have the most residents. Go figure.

Per capita wine consumption is another story. On that list, Idaho takes the cake, followed by Washington, D.C., New Hampshire, New Mexico and Vermont, which is second to last as far as population goes — in other words, Vermont is drinking its face off. West Virginia, Kansas, Mississippi, Utah and Oklahoma were noted as staying relatively sober.

To see exactly how your state stacks up, take a peek at the merlot to rosé-colored maps created by the team over at VinePair, who originally dissected the April, 2018 data. Then pop a bottle and toast to these 20 reasons to have a glass of wine every day.