yes way, rose

The Best Rosé Wine for Every Valentine’s Day Budget

Roses or Rosé this Valentine’s Day? No brainer, the latter, right?
yes way, rose

A glass of rose means spring is coming.

There are two kinds of people on Valentine’s Day: participants and non-participants. Will either group be opposed to a glass of rosé? (That answer is no.) Here are a handful of spectacular wine selections at every price point.

But first, a story to get in the holiday mood featuring a guy, a girl, and a bottle of rosé. During the Music City Food and Wine 2017, renowned California winemaker and sommelier, Joseph Carr told a packed crowd a story that I’ll never forget:

“I thought a sommelier was someone special. I thought wine was exotic. I thought wine was supposed to be expensive and only for wealthy, affluent people. I was wrong. I was working in a French restaurant in upstate New York, and this young couple comes in, a guy with his girlfriend. His name was Patrick Fitzgerald. Her name was Catherine. He is wearing a brand-new blue blazer. I knew it was brand-new because it still had the tag. This is a very fancy place, and they were very young people. There was a problem right off the bat because he’s not wearing a tie. You needed to wear a tie in this restaurant. Patrick was a wreck. He must have seen the prices, and now he doesn’t have a tie. So I tie my extra and give it to him, saying, ‘Just make sure I get this back, it’s expensive.’ He shakes my hand, and he is a wreck!

“The wine steward brings over the thick wine list, and he is staring at it, reading the pages. Finally the wine steward walked up, and Patrick just points. After I asked what was going on, the wine steward says he ordered the cheapest bottle of wine, a rosé. And I said let me serve it. I’ll give them the process, why not? I showed him the bottle of wine, opened it, handed him the cork, and he was a deer in the headlights. I said allow me to taste it, and you know what? It was good. It was a good bottle of wine. It wasn’t an expensive bottle of wine, but it was a beautiful bottle of wine. I looked at him and I said, ‘Sir, this is an excellent selection. I think this is going to go great with your dinner.’ And Catherine was smiling.

“All of a sudden, the weight of the world has come off this kid’s shoulders. They both smiled and clinked each other’s glasses. I walked away, and when I turned around, Patrick was on one knee, asking Catherine to be his wife. And that was when I realized wine served a purpose in people’s lives, it will be apart of a memory for the rest of their lives! It was just a beautiful bottle of rosé, and that is okay.”

Make the sweetest day of the year even sweeter with these satisfying selections.

Bieler Pere Et Fils
From Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence, France, this rosé has become a hit in the United States, and if you haven’t tried this inspiring blend yet, this is the time. With the savory and sweet flavors in this impressive blend, expect notes of lavender and rose petal with citrus from wild raspberry and tart cherry. Even better, bottles start at $10.

Melrose 2016
City Winery Nashville offers Nashville-inspired wines made from grape to bottle onsite. This city urban winery has flavors like you’ve never tasted before. Melrose is a beautiful, light bottle of 2016 rosé wine described as crisp, dainty and having red-fruit savors and available from $18 or by the glass at City Winery.


Love & Hope

Love and Hope
In collaboration with food festival producer-wild game hunter chef Tim Love, winemaker Austin Hope crafted Love and Hope wine in Paso Robles, California. This vibrant and aromatic rosé is perfect to drink solo or pair with chow. Roughly 25 percent of the blend is fermented in oak, while the remaining in standard stainless-steel tanks. This gives the final blend its unique citrus-y smoothness. Snag a bottle of Love And Hope from $20.

Whispering Angel
Also from Provence, Whispering Angel is a great go-to rosé. It’s the Cool wine, and I’m not even joking the slightest. The just-released 2017 Caves D’Esclans has all the fruity aromas with crisp lingering taste. Find a bottle near you or available from $25.

Perrier-Jouët Blason Rosé
Beyond this gorgeous bubbly’s salmon tone and copper highlights, it offers hints of red raspberry and sweet strawberries, with subtle spicy notes of pink Hawaiian ginger, honey, and mandarin orange. Bottles start at $89 and can be ordered here.

Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Rosé 2004 Vintage
Offering a refined balance of fruity and floral notes, this multi-sensorial champagne is crafted using the diamond-cut style that is the hallmark of the house of Perrier-Jouët and pairs well with shellfish, poultry and decadent desserts. This cuvée is bottled in an elegant clear glass adorned with hand-painted anemone flowers. Bottles of Belle priced from $370.

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