Applebee's Denies Viral Video Claims That $1 Margaritas Are Deliberately Watered Down

Throughout the month of October, Applebee's is offering $1 margaritas to remind customers they're not only a restaurant, but also a bar. However, after one bartender's video went viral, customers are questioning whether or not they're getting their dollar's worth.

The Snapchat video, posted to Facebook by user B—– Waiter, shows an anonymous Applebee's employee mixing a mass batch of "Dollaritas" in buckets on the floor. The concoction starts with one gallon of fluorescent margarita mix concentrate, a bottle of bottom-shelf tequila, and three gallons of water. "The dollarita is literally 1 part cheap tequila, 1 part cheap marg mix, 3 parts tap water. We go through 12 gallons of this swill a day," the employee captioned a photo.

Warning: This video contains explicit language.

"If 'the dollarita is your life,' you're an animal who can't taste things," he added, followed by hashtag "#f—thedollarita."

An Applebee's spokesperson told Fox News they've yet to confirm whether or not the videographer is an Applebee's employee. They added that "the person in this video did not follow the proper preparation instructions for the Dollarita."

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