Amazing Wine Labels More Intoxicating Than What's in the Bottle

If wine labels influence how you buy wine, here are some spectacular ones that will have you reaching for your wallet

Favia Wines

The flirty golden glitter on Favia Wines' Interessante label hints at the tropical fruit, Meyer lemon, and white peach flavors in the wine. 

Selecting a wine can be a daunting task, and deciphering the label can be another hurdle. Chances are you base your wine buying on a recommendation from a friend or a seemingly knowledgeable store clerk, or maybe on a review in a wine newsletter or website — or are you seduced by the packaging, by a heavy bottle or an eye-catching label? There's nothing wrong with that if you do; you're in good company.

A 2015 Gallo wine consumer trend survey reports millennials are four times more likely to purchase a wine based on the wine labeldesign than baby-boomers are. Younger adults tend to gravitate toward labels with personality and originality, whereas the older set cares more about wine description and origin.

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It’s true that marketing is key and that, with wine as with other commodities, individual products have to stand out among a sea of other goods of similar quality. Labels and bottle design are important contributors to clinching the sale. Designers and winemakers alike have gone to great lengths to capture our attention; the creativity and thought behind some wine labels is truly outstanding. Whether colorful, humorous, poignant, or some emotional connection, designs instantly grab our attention. Here are some noteworthy and amusing labels we couldn’t pass by. 

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