9 Creative Ways to Use Beer Besides Just Drinking It

Take full advantage of everything beer has to offer
Beer Shampoo


Go above and beyond simply drinking beer.

Have you ever hosted a party at your place, only to find yourself pouring out endless amounts of leftover beer from open but unfinished cans and bottles the next day? It’s not a pleasant way to start your morning — but once a beer goes flat, it's not worth drinking.

9 Creative Ways to Use Beer Besides Just Drinking It (Slideshow)

Well, not so fast. Everyone knows that beer is best enjoyed as a refreshing beverage.

However, there are many ways to use beer, even the leftover flat kind, that go far beyond the world of drink. Beer is glorious for many reasons, but taste is only one of them.

Beer contains a lengthy list of natural ingredients such as hops, vitamin b, xanthohumol, and orthosilicic acid. These elements offer health benefits when you drink beer, but can enhance your life in other ways as well. Whether it be in the kitchen, around the house, in the garden, even in your bath, there are many uses for beer.

Beer lovers everywhere, rejoice! We’ve rounded up nine ways to use beer (besides, drinking it, of course). Now you have an excuse to incorporate beer into your everyday routine.

Add it to your Bath

Beer Bath


Who's ready for a beer bath?

Bathing in beer may sound like an odd idea at first, but think about it this way: drinking beer provides health benefits for the inside of your body, therefore it will do the same for your skin. Breweries around the world have already tried out this idea, one of them offering a beer bath for $298 a pop.

Brine Meat

Brine meat in beer.


Brine your meat in beer.

Looking for an innovative way to tenderize your meat? A long beer soak will soften even the toughest cuts. Get creative and choose a beer whose flavor will complement the meat you’re preparing. Take a look at some of these beer pairing suggestions to get inspired.


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