7 Best Mint Cocktails Slideshow

The Blueberry Limoncello Cooler

New England garden staples blueberries and mint are at the heart of this refreshing, perfectly sweet summer staple. Known as the official drink of Boston's Back Deck restaurant, this lovely libation unites plump, juicy blueberries, tangy Italian limoncello for a touch of zest, and plenty of blueberry-infused vodka. Of course, the cocktails finishing notes of mint make the Blueberry Limoncello Cooler a must-have for any patio party with close friends ready to kick back and chill.

The Summer English Cocktail

Imagine entering a calm oasis where you're surrounded by lush grass, blooming roses, and sparrows singing on top of towering trees — who wouldn't want to spend the season at a picturesque London garden? However, if you can't get to Europe this year, give yourself the next best thing: an English Summer. West Austin's upscale bistro Eleven Plates & Wine is serving the delicate English Summer, a luscious concoction with spicy Pimm's liqueur from England, floral St. Germain made from wild elderflowers, lemon juice, as well as a medley of mint leaves and juicy strawberries. Even the queen would approve this new summer favorite.

The Milky Mint Cocktail

Let's face it, you've been really good this bikini season, but everyone deserves a little wiggle room to indulge, which is why we're swooning for this creamy concoction that will have you tossing aside those skinny jeans just for a sip. The Milky Mint features Adult Chocolate Milk, a spirit made from ice-cold vodka and real cream. In addition, there's more whipped cream vodka, mint liqueur, and plenty of chocolate added to the mix. Keep cool this summer without sacrificing on those cravings.

The Mint Muse

This legendary liquor is officially legal in the U.S., but the pale emerald-hued absinthe still hasn't lost its appeal, especially when it can enhance a popular summer cocktail ingredient. The Mint Muse is a new absinthe drink highlighting sun-kissed pineapple juice, lemon-lime soda, and lots of mint leaves to keep your thirst at bay. It may just inspire you to unleash your creative side or prepare another round.

The Mojito Italiano

No summer would be complete without cooling off with a classic Cuban mojito or three, but get ready to make a splash at your next soirée by serving this classic, Italian style. The Mojito Italiano, created by Arturo Sighinolfi at SWS Miami, highlights a bitter Italian aperitif, along with sparkling prosecco and smooth rum. After one taste, youll be ready to mambo Italiano.

Passion Lemonade Punch

Make a punch while it's still in season: we'd opt for the Passion Lemonade Punch from Havana Central in New York City. This punch offers a medley of ripe, juicy fruits from the Caribbean, as well as enough rum and mint to keep any fiesta alive all night long.

The Skinny Mint

Sure, the absinthe craze came and went, but there's nothing like cooling off with an icy, tangy, licorice-flavored spirit certain to beat the heat and keep you feeling refreshed with some extra green added to the mix. While tantalizing mojitos are always in demand during the blazing summer months, they're also notorious for packing on the pounds. One drink alone could equal a whopping 300 calories! Good thing there's the Skinny Mint, a lighter take on the classic favorite. At only 135 calories, the Skinny Mint highlights the refreshing, crisp absinthe, along with tropical rum, a touch of Splenda, and mint water. Sip, sip, and enjoy... guilt-free.