6 Innovative Infusion Cocktails to Serve at Your Next Soirée

Create complex flavor profiles like never before with these recipes

Impress your guests with this line up of mixologist-quality cocktails

The world of cocktails is so much more than downing straight liquor! Get more flavor and depth in your cocktails ― and out of your bottles ― with easy infusions that will change the way you drink permanently. While it may seem tricky, infusing cocktails is simple and creates a complexity in your libations that will impress and delight your friends.

Oak Bottle's Aged Maple Rye

oak bottle

Oak Bottle

Not sure if you like rye? Well sweeten it up! Here's an infused, impressive cocktail to enjoy that's easy to make, yet complex in flavor. Use the Oak Bottle to speed up the oak aging process allowing the customization of your whiskey by infusing oak aged flavors – without having to wait year to do so.

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Zing54's Pineapple Mint Mojito


Zing 54

Tropical and minty fresh, this libation perfect for a lazy summer afternoon. Chill out with a refreshing cocktail, infused with the taste of summer! Using Zing54, you can release the all-natural flavors of each ingredient ― fresh pineapples, mint, and all. 

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Prairie Organic's Strawberry Basil Infusion


Prairie Organic Spirits

Sophisticated, delicious, and easy to make. This pretty drink is great for parties and al fresco dining. For a cucumber flavored vodka, you can use the same instructions, but add cucumber and mint for an enhanced mojito!

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Lemon Stinger Swizzle


Modern Sprout

For those who have a green thumb and like to party, Modern Sprout’s kraft seed starter - cocktail series is what you need. The seed starter set features three seed kits that grow herbal companions to infuse or muddle in cocktails. Using the lemon balm leaves, you can make cocktails like this zesty adult lemonade beverage.

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Jasmine Blossoms

Jasmine Blossoms

Manhattan Moonshine

This unique Whiskey cocktail is aromatic, citrusy, and easy to drink.  The Whiskey used, Manhattan Moonshine, is a lighter, simpler Whiskey that is aged for less than one hour and so it does not have the heavy barrel flavors that make brown Whiskeys harder to mix.  Enjoy the hint of apricot alongside the fragrant jasmine flavors in this light and summery cocktail.

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Kula Cucumber




If you want a short cut, check out this quick recipe. Combine Bai Kula Watermelon, cucumber, and mint and stir. Just add your choice of liquor to make it a boozy treat.

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