5 Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Being healthy has never been this easy .

Healthy smoothies that you'll actually want to eat.

Smoothies are a great way to get in your daily dose of nutrients for a number of reasons. They’re cheap, easy to make, and they’re healthy if you use the right ingredients. Crazy about kale? On the contrary to what most people believe, kale can be mixed with many things. Looking for a fruity treat? There are few fruits that fall short from tasting absolutely divine when blended together.

Healthy eating has gained a reputation for being complicated and taking up time, but when it comes to smoothies, this just isn’t the case. To create the ultimate healthy smoothie, all you have to do is pick a few of your favorite fruits or vegetables, choose a liquid — like coconut water or soy milk — (and when it makes sense) throw a spoonful of peanut butter or nut butter in a blender. Presto! Now you have a healthy smoothie that you can sit and enjoy or take on the go.

Feeling inspired? Here’s a quick roundup of 5 healthy smoothies that are worth trying.

Almond and Blueberry Smoothie

This smoothie features a tasty and healthy alternative to peanut butter.

Berry Grape Smoothie

If you're crazy for berries, this smoothie features two of the tastiest ones around.

Milk and Honey Smoothie

Milk and honey is a common combination. With some added fruit, they make the perfect smoothie too! 

Lean and Green Power Smoothie

 This is the perfect smoothie for a nutritious breakfast on the go.

Rosewater Strawberry Honey Smoothie  

Rose and tart cherries combine in this smoothie to create a heavenly refreshing and healthy treat.