5 Global Ways to Enjoy Iced Coffee

Each culture drinks iced coffee in a unique and delicious way
Iced Coffee


Iced coffee isn’t only for the summer.

With their wide range of flavor options and undeniable consistency, Starbucks tends to steal the spotlight in the world of coffee. We don’t mind that they take full responsibility for the PSL, but it is only fairly recently that coffee chains in the west have jumped onto the iced coffee bandwagon, resulting in an explosion of different kinds of iced coffee to try.

Make it a malt shake, whip up a batch of cold brew, or take a trip to a fast food drive through. No matter what mood you’re in or where you are in the world, there are many ways to enjoy coffee cold.

Take a look at these five examples of the chilliest ways to enjoy your coffee.

Cold Brewed

Cold Brewed coffee is the most recent trend in this round up, and it is enjoyed everywhere around the world. Even companies like Starbucks have only recently jumped on it! Don’t worry though, we have a step by step guide on how to make the perfect batch of cold brewed coffee at home. (To give you a preview, it’s exactly that it sounds like: coffee that’s brewed cold instead of hot.)

Click here to see how to make your own cold brewed coffee.


Originally invented in Greece (by accident), the frappe has taken the coffee industry by storm. You can now enjoy it in any part of the world, or, as a tasty treat you to make at home.

Click here for a frappe recipe to make at home.

Malt Coffee Shake

We have a recipe that creates a malt-like, mature coffee drink with espresso, milk chocolate, and cream. Though it’s not the traditional way to enjoy iced coffee, it makes for a delectable frozen treat. Malt shakes stem from the Greek roots of the frappe, but they are now mostly enjoyed in America.

Click here for a coffee milkshake recipe.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Vietnamese iced coffee was born due to a shortage of fresh milk in Vietnam. Nationally, this drink is known as Ca phe sua da, but it’s adopted the simple term “iced coffee” to make things a little easier.

Check out our Vietnamese iced coffee recipe.

The accompanying slideshow is provided by Nikkitha Bakshani.