13 Variations Of The Mojito Slideshow

Raspberry Mint Mojito

The Raspberry Mint Mojito, coutesy of the BevMo Tasting Room, is as delicious as it is pretty. Click here for the Raspberry Mint Mojito recipe.

Red Star Mojito

A refreshing take on the mojito made with grapefruit juice and served at Red Star Tavern in Portland, Ore. Click here for the Red Star Mojito recipe.

Raspberry Champagne Mojito

Bet you didn't think you could add champagne to a mojito, did you? Click here for the Raspberry Champagne Mojito recipe.

Frozen Cucumber Mint Mojito

Use gin or vodka in this mojito recipe; it's a crowd favorite. Click here for the Frozen Cucumber Mint Mojito recipe.

Mexican Mojito

A spicy, tequila twist on the mojito using Partida blanco tequila. Click here for the Mexican Mojito recipe.

Frozen Mojito Sorbet

An easy way to liven up any party: boozy sorbet. Click here for Frozen Mojito Sorbet recipe. 

Pineapple Sage Mojito

This recipe was invented by Kellie Rowland, mixologist at JW Marriott Grand Rapids. Click here for the Pineapple Sage Mojito recipe.

Skinny Mojito

A Skinnygirl-version of the mojito; click here for the Skinny Mojito recipe.

Cucumber Nitrogen Mojito

Ramsey Pimentel, Master mixologist at the oceanfront Ritz-Carlton, South Beach has put a creative twist on the cocktail, adding cucumber and freezing it for an even more refreshing version. Click here for the Cucumber Nitrogen Mojito.

Summer Picnic Mojito

Watermelon and basil add a refreshing twist to the mojito, served at Rum Bar. Click here for the Summer Picnic Mojito recipe.

Blood Orange and Cardamon Mojito with Basil

Mojito Jelly Shots

Mojito in jelly shot form? Yes please! Click here for the Mojito Jelly Shot recipe.

Blueberry Mojito

You can never go wrong with blueberries and mint. Click here for 1785 Inn's Blueberry Mojito recipe.