12 Bright and Sunny Cocktails for Spring

Elderflowers, lavender, cucumber, and other springtime ingredients spice up these refreshing seasonal drinks

One of the best ways to celebrate the season is by sipping some delicious drinks that pay homage to spring.

As the weather gets warmer and snow becomes only a memory, it's time to bask in the glory of springtime — and one of the best ways to celebrate the season is by sipping some delicious drinks that pay homage to spring. Like their counterparts around the country, mixologists around New York City have created cocktails that incorporate the flavors of the season — including blooming flowers, in some cases — that are perfect for a night out or a springtime soirée at home. And even more good spring cocktail ideas come from the purveyors of premium spirits themselves.

Start the season right with an offering from the Lower East Side’s burlesque supper club, Duane Park: the flowery Gypsy Rose Lee, which captures the essence of springtime. Named after the famous 1940s burlesque dancer, this aesthetically pleasing drink, created by resident mixologist Sarah Linebarger, combines Hendrick’s gin, rose syrup, lime juice, muddled cucumber, and a torn rose, and is served with a garnish of rose petals.

People looking for the greener side of springtime should sample Beauty & Essex's Emerald Gimlet, a blend of Grey Goose vodka, basil, lemon nectar, and lime that will have people feeling like they're lying in grass and looking at the clouds. The Lady’s Mantle, from Mas (farmhouse) in Greenwich Village, is a refreshingly bright and aromatic taste of gin, elderflower, Lillet Blanc, and green Chartreuse.

The Bouquet combines top-shelf Elit by Stolichnaya vodka with lavender water. Prairie Organic Spirits mixes their cucumber-flavored organic vodka with lemon juice, strawberries, and mint for the fruity and refreshing Garden Variety.

These are just a few of the possibilities. Click here for recipes or detailed descriptions of these and other springtime cocktails.



From the makers of Viniq Shimmery Liqueur (vodka blended with moscato and "natural fruit flavors") comes this first-rate spring cocktail: 3 parts Viniq and 2 parts Champagne, poured into an elegant ice-filled glass and garnished with an orange slice.

A Rose by Any Other Name 


Gotham Bar and Grill

From Gotham Bar and Grill. The name may come from Romeo and Juliet, but there's nothing tragic about this tasty mix of vodka, prosecco, fresh lemon juice, and Combier rose liqueur.