11 Cocktails You Can Make with Ice Cream

An ice cream cocktail is the ultimate guilty pleasure

Indulge in these delicious cocktails any time of year.

Enjoying a frosty drink at the peak of summer is always refreshing, but the hot-weather months aren’t the only time to savor a tasty frozen treat.

11 Cocktails You Can Make with Ice Cream (Slideshow)

You can incorporate ice cream into many recipes at any time of the year. Milkshakes, smoothies, sundaes, you name it — ice cream is sure to take your taste buds on a trip to frozen paradise.

Debating whether or not you should sip on a milkshake or eat your ice cream with a spoon? Don’t worry: If you make an ice cream cocktail, you don’t have to choose.

Ice cream cocktails are the ultimate way to take your favorite dessert to the next level. Plus, you can step up your sundae skills by adding a dash of your favorite liquor.

It doesn’t matter if you’re slurping on a milkshake by the pool or mixing up a chilling cocktail for your favorite holiday. We’ve come up with a delicious roundup of ice cream cocktails for the whole year long.

Brandy Alexander Cocktail

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This cocktail is simply delicious.

Looking for an ice cream cocktail you can sip through a straw? The heavy cream in this recipe will do the trick. If you prefer to eat it with a spoon, replace the cream with vanilla ice cream.

Click here for the Brandy Alexander Cocktail recipe.

Café Cocktail


The Café Cocktail will cease your sweet tooth.

The combination of Patrón XO Cafe, coffee ice cream, nutmeg, and ground coffee in this cocktail is sure to keep your sweet tooth satisfied.


Click here for the Café Cocktail recipe.