10 Delicious Ways To Amp Up Your Cup Of Joe

When someone asks how you take your coffee, what do you say? With sugar, or without? With milk, or as black as it gets? These responses are simple, and, if you like to stick to the basics, more than sufficient.

10 Delicious Ways to Amp Up Your Cup of Joe (Slideshow)

Coffee is a popular drink because it can be enjoyed in many ways.

Though it's easy to appreciate just as it is, why not take something great and make it that much better? Start channeling your inner barista; here are some tricks that will bring your average batch of coffee to the next level.

Forget mere sugar; why not transform your cup into a delectable dessert? Better yet, a hint of Baileys along with a few other ingredients can morph your cup of Joe into a classy cocktail within minutes.

Whether it's over ice or as a mocha — we've come up with 10 ways you can take coffee to the next level.

Break out the Baileys Irish Cream

This may not be the best tactic for waking up and getting your day started, but it will really wind you down at the end of the day. If you're looking for a sweet treat to sip on before you snuggle into a snooze, try the Baileys Afternoon Delight. Yes, it's coffee, but don't worry — the Bailey's counteracts the caffeine, making it the perfect beverage to enjoy before bed.

Create a cocktail

Here's another boozy way to give your coffee a serious revamp. The coffee in this cocktail will wake you up, but the moonshine will make you feel mellow. Drink the Café du Catnip Cocktail as dessert.