10 Coffee Cocktails That Will Perk You Right Up

10 Coffee Cocktails That Will Perk You Right Up

Coffee cocktails may not be your go-to when you're looking for a crazy night out, but they allow you to throw some spirit into your cup of joe or get a glow from your favorite milkshake. Doesn't sound too shabby, right?

From spicy Mexican cocktails to flavor-filled milkshakes, we've compiled a wide range of coffee cocktails to perk you up. Take your cup of joe to the next level and check out our 10 favorite coffee cocktails.

Café Cocktail

The combination of Patrón XO Cafécoffee ice cream, nutmeg, and ground coffee in this cocktail is sure to keep you energized at your next outdoor bash.

Click here for the Café Cocktail recipe.

Café du Catnip Cocktail

The coffee in this cocktail will wake you up, but the moonshine will knock you mellow you out. This dessert-like drink is sure to have you feelin' fine.

Click here for the Café du Catnip Cocktail recipe.

Café Royal Recipe

This cozy cocktail combines chocolate, coffee, and Patrón to create a soothing and satisfying treat. Make sure your mug is warm and your coffee is brewed strong!

Click here for the Café Royal recipe.

Crunch Cassidy Milkshake

What could make a milkshake better than it already is? Well, whiskey, of course! This milkshake mixes sweet and salty flavors with bourbon, creating a truly unique and delicious treat.

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Irish Coffee

Though it is fun to experiment, sometimes it's best to stick with a timeless choice. This creamy classic will quiet your sweet tooth and warm your soul.

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Milky Way Café

Calling all chocoholics! This one's for you. That's right: You can turn your favorite candy bar into a boozy coffee cocktail. Whoever thought of this was genius.

Click here for the Milky Way Café recipe.

Negroni Mexicano Cocktail

Add some spicy Mexican flair to your coffee cocktail with Patrón XO Café Incendio and a dash of mezcal. ¡Salud!

Click here for the Negroni Mexicano recipe.

Skinny Bean Spiked Coffee Cocktail

Looking for a fancy way to spike your iced coffee? This cocktail adds vodka to coffee, almond milk, and hazelnut extract — creating a seasonal spin on one of your favorite drinks.

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Santa Anna Shake

A spiked milkshake? Sign us up. This boozy dessert combines Kahlúa, tequila, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream. In other words, it's a tiny glass of heaven that tastes like coffee.

Click here for the Santa Anna Shake recipe.

Wake Up Cocktail

Wake up! It's time to enjoy a delicious drink filled with Kahlúa, vodka, and espresso. If you're planning on an afternoon nap, steer clear of this cocktail.

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