10 Best Wines for Brunch

Forget breakfast, brunch is the most important meal of the day, not least because you get to drink with it

A wide range of wines work well with brunch.

Everyone loves brunch. In fact, if someone tells you they don’t, they’re probably lying to you or to themselves! Whether you are salivating over a perfectly poached egg, curing a hangover from the night before, or craving a hefty batch of pancakes, there’s no denying that when brunching, there’s one thing you absolutely need: booze.

10 Best Wines for Brunch (Slideshow)

If you’re hosting or attending a brunch, don’t bring one kind of wine, bring several. No matter what kind of guests you’re serving or friends you have, there’s a wine out there for everyone.

Here are 10 wines that will pair with many different parts of the brunch experience, listed in price from lowest to highest. Grab a few that sound intriguing and pair away.