Doomsday Prepper Sends 15,000 Pounds Of Food To Puerto Rico

A New Jersey survivalist spent decades preparing for a doomsday event. The apocalypse he was preparing for never came to his town, but now his stockpiled food is actually helping people through a disaster, because he donated his 15,000 pounds of emergency food to starving families in Puerto Rico.


According to, 74-year-old Joseph Badame's doomsday compound was his life's work. For decades, he and his wife had been stockpiling enough food and supplies to survive in the event of an apocalyptic event. They designed their home to be a sanctuary for themselves and others in the event of a disaster. They outfitted their compound with shower stalls, cots, and a lead bomb shelter, and they had enough food and supplies for 100 people. Unfortunately, Badame lost his home and supplies to foreclosure after his wife's terminal illness exhausted their finances.

But then, while preparing to sell off his entire estate as part of the foreclosure, Badame met food truck operator Victoria Martinez-Barber. She told him about her family in Puerto Rico, where people were starving in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and had no food, power, clean water, or supplies.

Badame had spent his whole life preparing for a disaster, and he had 15,000 pounds of food in barrels in his basement. So he gave them to Martinez-Barber, who was able to raise enough money on GoFundMe to get Badame's supplies to Puerto Rico. He says his emergency food has fed 1,000 people.

In addition to the food, Martinez-Barber and her husband also took supplies like small generators and medical supplies. Together, the three of them are planning to continue helping to the best of their abilities, and they're easily one of the most inspiring food stories of 2017.