Domino's Founder Sues Over Mandatory Contraceptive Mandate

Looks like big businesses are still fighting against Obama's health care changes; according to a press release, Tom Monaghan of Domino's legend is suing the government over the HHS Mandate, which requires employers to pay for mandatory contraceptive coverage for their employees.

The lawsuit, which was filed in the Federal District Court in Michigan by the Thomas More Law Center, alleges that the mandate violates the First Amendment, limiting Monaghan's right to exercise freedome of religion.

According to the release, Monaghan's religious beliefs "prohibit him from paying for abortion-inducing drugs, contraception, and sterilization, which he has never done" (emphasis theirs).

This move against health care contraception isn't that surprising, as Monaghan has been a supporter of pro-life efforts, in addition to founding an organization of Catholic businessmen and CEOs, plus Ave Maria University and the Ave Maria School of Law. If you really want to read their arguments, here's the 40-page lawsuit in PDF form.

But of course, Domino's Pizza has cut ties with Monaghan, tweeting over the weekend, "Reports indicating we are part of Tom Monaghan's lawsuit are 100% wrong. Monaghan sold Domino's in '98 & has no ties to us."