Dominique Ansel Invents Frozen S'Mores

Cronut creator set Turkish ice cream on fire

Dominique Ansel is not one to rest on his laurels. The inventor of the Cronut, undoubtedly the dessert of the summer, has created a new marvel: the Frozen S'more.

The $7, torched-to-order dessert has a cold, vanilla ice cream center surrounded with a crispy chocolate wafer and wrapped in a mixture of homemade marshmallow and dondurma, a type of stretchy, Turkish ice cream.

"I was inspired by a trip to Istanbul," Ansel said to The Daily Mail. "I had the chance to try dondurma, the texture is very chewy but it's still frozen. I wanted to make something similar."

Ansel's take on the s'more is served skewered on a willow branch that's been smoked with applewood.

"You can't taste it, but you can smell it," Ansel said of the applewood smoke. "It reminds me of campfires when you toast marshmallows."

Torching the marshmallow and dondurma gives it a crisp, caramelized exterior. But the Frozen S'more is unlikely to reproduce Cronut levels of fervor, as they need to be eaten immediately and thus cannot be scalped or smuggled.

"They're all made-to-order, you have just a few minutes to eat it on the spot. So it's always fresh," Ansel explained.


Ansel is only making 50 of the Frozen S'mores per day. Yesterday they sold out by 1 p.m.