Do It Yourself-Homemade Bacon

Bacon's popularity has been expanding well beyond the breakfast plate. We've seen bacon in all facets of cooking, including ambitious homemade variations. Now, making bacon at home is even easier with the help of Bacon Kit's. The kit was released in early September of 2012 and created by a Seattle grocer, 7th West Charcuterie. The kit comes with everything you need to make bacon: a large plastic curing bag, curing salt, maple sugar, a thermometer, and instructions. With only one purchase outside of the kit (that being the actual pork), it allows you to make up to five pounds of bacon.

With the kit you'll learn to season the meat, an integral part of flavoring the bacon, how to smoke your bacon using an indoor oven, and what woodchips are best for producing different kinds of flavors. Currently, the company only ships domestically to the United States, and offers the kit for $24.99.