DIY Superhero Party

I have made such wonderful friends in the "party" world. Whether it be from blogging, my clients or vendors, I have the best job in the world. I get to party all the time and enjoy it.

My super talented friend and cake vendor, Liz from Lizzy's Sweet N'Treats told me that she was doing a Superhero theme for her son Daniel's 3rd birthday in a local park, I asked what she had planned and with her busy schedule was doing a cake but really didn't have anytime for decor. Even though my schedule was full, I could not let my girl not have any decorations; Not as long as I'm her friend! Unfortunately, I didn't have much time being that it was already Thursday and her party was Saturday and my schedule was completely full. However, she came over to my house that night and we made superhero masks out of foam

Isn't the Superhero cake she made out of this world? Liz is so talented and if you hjappen to live in the Phoenix area, then you are in luck! I made the backdrop the same process as I did my swamp dessert table backdrop, with engineer print. Check out how to use engineer print here. I used spray adhesive to attach to foam and hung. I emailed Office Max my skyline picture and picked up my engineer print in less than an hour!

All the decorations I made the day of the party...Saturday morning so I promise you if you don't have time then the easiest way to go is by using printables.

These centerpieces were made using Superhero printables from Dimpleprints. I love Dimpleprints printables, They are affordable, while some printable prices on Eitsy are really getting expensive. Plus with Dimpleprints you get tons of printables. In fact, you really wouldn't need much of any other decor just need some time to really use them in all sorts of creative decorative ways. Here's what I did:

  • I just cut out the Dimpleprint printables and used double stick tape to secure them to foam.
  • I hot glued 2 foam pieces back to back onto a wooden dowel or skewer so it would be the same on both sides.
  • I got the foam in a large pack from Walmart for $5 and was able to make all centerpieces (12 foam printable pieces) and 16 masks plus I still had a lot of foam leftover.

As for the cakes, I bought them at Target for $2. The party was at a local park so I just hung up some rope onto the pavilion pillars and used clothes pins to hang. I I created capes sign from Dimpleprints for extra cuteness.

All in all it was a great success and not too much stress!