DIY Scary Halloween Party Themes

Get in the spirit with these scary Halloween party themes
Halloween Party Theme

These Halloween party themes may be so creepy your guests will be scared to attend

Hosting a Halloween party this year? Tired of just throwing a regular party where guests just happen to be in costume? You can change all of that with a great Halloween party theme. A super scary Halloween party will get guests in the Halloween spirit and will make for a really fun time. To get inspired for your super scary Halloween bash, we came up with a few fun ideas that will scare and delight your guests!


Put the horror back into Halloween by throwing the Halloween party from hell — literally. Task guests with showing up in their scariest demonic costume. This Halloween party theme needs a ton of creativity. Cover lights in red and orange fabric to give it a creepy ambiance and serve hot food like spicy meatballs over "open flames" (think Sternos and chaffing dishes) for a hellish party your guests will have "nightmares" about.

Hospital of Horrors

Invite guests to show up as demented doctors and gruesome patients for a super creepy party theme. Guest can use ingredients from the kitchen to look like bloody victims of a surgery gone awry. You can serve stews like Witch's Vomit on a hospital tray to really get into the grotesque Halloween party theme.

Mystery Meat Party


Ever wonder what exactly was in that burger at your favorite fast food joint? Use that curiosity to create a really unique Halloween party theme. Tell guests to arrive as zombified fast food workers or helpless patrons. Make your home look like a McDonald's from hell with a "dirty" kitchen covered in blood stains and fake rancid food. While we are sure this Halloween party theme will be a hit, be warned: you may convert some of your friends to vegetarianism.