Diwali Sweets

Diwali (also known as Divali, or Deepavali), theĀ five-day festival of lights, is a magical and joyous time when families gather together to celebrate joyfulness and light, and the sharing of sweets, while remembering those who are close to their hearts.

In honor of the holiday, Indians typically don new clothes, light lamps (diyas), and exchange cards and sweets. Known for its grand colorful and magnificent celebrations, Diwali is different from other Hindu traditions in that each day has its own significance. Hallmark even started making their own Diwali cards a couple years ago.

To celebrate Diwali and the sweetness and light in life, light a candle and cook some classic Indian sweets.


From Culinary Haven

This fudgy Indian sweet, flavored with cardamom, saffron, and nuts, is a favorite during this holiday.


From eCurry

An Indian pastry, often filled with coconut and dried fruits, but the filling will vary depending on where in India the pastry is made.

Shakkar Para

From Manjula's Kitchen

Deep fried sugar crisps made of flour and semolina flour, and flavored with coconut and cardamom.

Easy Badam Ka Halwa

From In Love with Food

A super-easy recipe for a classic Indian fudge-like treat.

Rava Laddoo

From Saffron Hut

Little Indian cookie-like treats, made with cashews, cardamom and raisins, that melt in your mouth.

Besan Laddu

From The Cooks Cottage

Another very popular sweet made with clarified butter (ghee) and chickpea flour.