Discovery Communications Rebrands, Adds 3 Food Shows To Lineup

What was once the Planet Green network will now be known as "Destination America" — with plenty of food offerings in the mix.

Starting Memorial Day, Discovery Communications will launch Destination America into nearly 60 million homes, offering USA-themed shows for that patriotic feel. And what better way to show off America than its food? BBQ Pitmasters pits grill masters in a traveling, Top Chef-like competition. Contestants will make dishes like Texas brisket and Carolina pulled pork as they visit cities like Austin, Memphis, and New Orleans. 

On Fast Food Mania, fast-food and pop culture guru Jon Hein will also travel the country, Guy Fieri-style, to test the country's best fast food. The list of spots he'll be visiting includes the original Wendy's in Columbus, Ohio, and a KFC in Japan.

And to really top off the patriotic dining table, United States of Food features chef Todd Fisher and the country's love of meat. Fisher will hit the road to find similar foodies and chefs obsessed with steaks, bacon, and burgers, like the home of the world's largest BLT.

While the new shows should be great for American food lovers, the new branding has upset environmentalists still dazzled by the fading green network. Wrote Ecorazzi in response to the United States of Food's declaration of love for meat, "Talk about pissing on Planet Green's grave."