Dietician Stands By 'Bad For You' Foods

There seems to be a new fad diet or nutrition claim every day, warning us what we shouldn't eat. In response to the many "superstitions in the world of nutrition," then, dietitian Katherine Tallmadge has published a list of foods we think are detrimental to our health, but may not be so bad after all.

While limiting complex carbohydrates by eliminating wheat is often treated as the answer to weight loss, this trend ignores the health benefits of wheat and gluten products. Wheat is an excellent source of fiber and, as Tallmadge notes, has been "associated with a reduced risk of...excess weight."

Eggs too have been shunned in the health world, namely for their high cholesterol. However, "the major determinant of LDL [bad] cholesterol is saturated fat, and while eggs are high in cholesterol...they're relatively low in saturated fat."

In her piece, Tallmadge even vouches for fried foods, which are known as bad for you because of their oil-based cooking method. "As long as food is fried in healthful oil instead of butter, shortening, or trans fat, and it's eaten in moderation, it isn't less healthy."

The list also includes potatoes, fruits, soy, and alcohol.