Dickey Describes His Favorite Sandwich and More All-Star Food Moments

A roundup of some of tonight's all-stars' dietary habits and favorite foods

Before you tune into FOX Sports tonight for the 83rd All-Star Game, take a look at some of your all-star baseball players’ favorite foods and unique diets.


Derek Jeter (Yankees) told Men’s Fitness: "People are always surprised when I say this, but I eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches an hour before the game. I don’t like to eat anything too heavy before I play, so PB&J is perfect."

Josh Hamilton’s (Rangers) favorite food is Fruity Pebbles cereal.

R.A. Dickey (Mets) described his favorite sandwich, the Italian sub from Sam and Andy’s Restaurant in Knoxville, Tenn: "They would steam it, they would put it in the steamer for a bit. And then I would consume it, rapidly."

Carlos Gonzalez (Rockies) tweeted to fans: "My favorite food is a beans soup that we in Venezuela call "sopa de arvejas", my mom prepare it delicious."

Carlos Beltran (Cardinals) has a stake in the New York Puerto Rican restaurant Sofrito and Sazon.

Prince Fielder (Tigers) was a vegetarian for a few months in 2008. During that time, he told The New York Times: "Fans last year were yelling at me, ‘Hey Prince, eat a salad!’ This year they’re saying, ‘Eat a steak!’ I feel like going: ‘Keep yelling, buddy. You’re still in the stands.’"

Ryan Braun’s (Brewers) favorite meal includes filet mignon, lobster, mashed potatoes, and broccoli.

David Ortiz (Red Sox) started to eliminate egg whites, shrimp, chicken, and alcohol from his diet earlier this year in order to lower his cholesterol.

Curtis Granderson (Yankees) said to ESPN.com: "I’m not sure I have a favorite food, but I have a favorite meal, which is Thanksgiving. Because you get a little bit of everything, and you can always go back for seconds and thirds. My favorite drink would probably be red Kool-Aid. People say, ‘Well, what’s red?’ And that’s the thing, it’s not really a flavor, it’s just red Kool-Aid."

Melky Cabrera (Giants) admitted to New York Daily News that he has severely changed his diet since being traded to the Giants: "I ate everything. I was 215 (pounds), 220, and now I’m 200. Now I eat good food: brown rice, fish, chicken."

Jose Bautista (Blue Jays) described his favorite dish to MLB’s Fan Cave: