Devilishly Design Your Halloween Party

Halloween parties can be the talk of the town for years to come. When we lived in Connecticut we had a tradition of hosting a Halloween party for young and old. We had awards for the best dressed family, best female costume, and best men's costume. It was amazing to see the outfits that came through the door! Although we have lived in a different state for over five years now, I still have friends comment about our spook-tacular Halloween celebrations.  Let me share some simple solutions on how you can enjoy your gathering and move with grace and joy through the affair so that unexpected surprises don't jump out at you from behind the proverbial door!

Best Costume:

What is a Halloween party without costumes? Encouraging participation is important. Everyone loves getting prizes and awards! When we announced that there would be prizes at our annual Halloween Party the game was on! Our family and friends really got into getting all decked out. Some of the more memorable costumes include one family showing up as a McDonald's theme that included Ronald McDonald, a container of French fries, and a milk shake. Another couple arrived as Donald & Daffy Duck. One year we decided our family theme was going to be Super Heroes. My husband was Super Man and I was going to be Wonder Woman (my childhood idol) but I quickly had to change course and become Louis Lane when I realized I was 5 months pregnant with our third child! The point is that having awards made it a fun competition. This helped those tentative souls bring out their best inner childhood Halloween expressions and dress up!

Make a List

Staying organized, focused, and on task will help relieve stress and pressure that can be associated with having a party. Allow enough time to get everything done because it is better to have too much time than 'burning the midnight oil' trying to get it all accomplished. This will leave you exhausted for your own party. It will also hinder your ability to have fun and howl at the midnight moon! Instead, plan ahead and map out your to-dos, which could include food, drinks, and decorations.  You will maneuver like a good witch and gracefully fly on your broomstick with ease through your party planning process.

Mood Music

The music selection is a key element to any party. Be music-ready and have your playlist picked and ready ahead of time. Choose some tunes that are relevant to Halloween. Take into account the type of feeling you want to set. The music is one of the key elements in creating the atmosphere, which has a direct impact on peoples' mood.

Photo Greeting & Favor

Capturing those memorable moments keeps people talking about your event for years to come.  I would set up a "photo station" as people walked through our front door. This was a great way to greet everyone as they entered. It also allows you to take a moment to appreciate the effort and energy that your guest put into his or her outfit. In this day and age of smartphone cameras this is super easy to do. If you want to take it one step further, use a polaroid or Fuji camera. This lets you hand the photo to your guest at the end of the evening as they head home. A picture is a fun favor and it is unusual in today's world to receive a picture you can actually hold and put into a frame.

Take a Deep Breath

Plan to take a few minutes before your guests arrive to take a deep breath and enjoy the atmosphere and delicious aromas that you have created. My husband and I always take 20 minutes before the party starts to set the mood lighting, dance to the music, and toast to another great party. 

Preparing ahead allows you to relax and enjoy yourself at your Halloween party! These Home in Harmony simple Halloween solutions relieve the stress and strain that can be associated with throwing a gathering. Embody the calm of your inner Wonder Woman or Superman and celebrate in devilishly delightful style.