Dessert in the Desert: The Top 5 Happy Endings in Las Vegas

Don't leave town without one of these sweets

Choose a choux.

If you're down on your luck at the casinos and looking for a sweet pick-me-up in Vegas, have no fear, dessert is here. With hundreds of pastry chefs competing for your taste buds' affection, you will certainly find yourself walking back to your hotel room feeling like a winner.

From Nobu’s "Style Shave" (which essentially looks and tastes like a bowl of snow) to the munchkin-sized assorted choux at Jasmine’s Fountain Brunch, the pastry quarter of Vegas has it all. 

Not only do these dishes have magnificent tastes, but each is presented as if it belonged in a museum. For example, the frozen yogurt sampler at Andrea’s isn’t even plated, but rather served on a whimsical iron spiral with open platforms for each mini ice cream cone to sit. When it arrives at the table, diners are stunned by its beauty before they savor this delicate masterpiece.

Even the most commonplace desserts (if thoroughly hunted down) are melt-in-your-mouth miracles. Two of the best desserts in Vegas can be found at Gordon Ramsay’s Pub and Grill in Caesars Palace and at The Cosmopolitan’s Wicked Spoon. The Sticky Toffee pudding is one of the most popular dishes at the British celebrity chef’s restaurant.  According to Carlos Salazar, the executive pastry chef of Caesars Palace, they "serve hundreds of Sticky Toffee Pudding desserts a day." Now that’s a convincing figure. For the gelato lovers of the world, head to Wicked Spoon and choose between the 18 different flavors that are on display. Or, if you want to try them all (yes, people have done it before), the servers at the dessert section will happily accommodate. Popular flavors are salted peanut caramel and almond joy.

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So, if you haven’t had much luck at the clubs or the casinos, get the happy ending(s) that you deserve at any one or all five of these restaurants. They’re each a story to come home with...