Denny's Opens Wedding Chapel In Las Vegas

Wait, why didn't we think of this? Denny's flagship in Las Vegas has decided to open an in-house wedding chapel, which, when you think about it, is absolutely genius. What better way to end a classy Las Vegas night than by eating away your hangover with a Grand Slam right after tying the knot?

Eater brings us this amazing press release from the Denny's corporation, which boasts that the in-house wedding chapel "truly combines the authenticity of America's Diner with the eccentricity of Las Vegas," chief marketing officer Frances Allen said.

The first wedding had a "Pancake Puppies" wedding cake and Grand Slamosa cocktails, the former which looks like pancake cake pops. The full wedding package, which starts at $95, also throws in "Just Married' Denny's T-shirts, plus the wedding chapel. And while the general manager tells us that reservations will be necessary (no shotgun weddings here), he says he has gotten some 20 calls expressing interest. File this all under "Genius Business Ideas."