Delicious Party Mixes You Don't Have to Buy

Make these easy nut mix recipes for your next get-together

Spiced Roasted Pistachios

It is essential to have a few easy recipes in your repertoire for last-minute parties. Here are a few of the best nut mixes we have showcased on Family Kitchen. These are all easy, tasty, and are guaranteed to be a favorite. I love making a lot of these mixes to serve at parties, or wrapping them up in clear bags to give as gifts. They are always great for giving to hostesses and friends. Let’s get this party started with some nuts!

— thenaptimechef, Babble

Candied Nuts in Two Minutes

Candied nuts are always a fun nibble, and you can make these in two minutes!,

Make candied nuts



Roasted Rosemary Nuts

Fragrant rosemary is paired with mixed nuts to make this gorgeous snack.

Make roasted rosemary nuts



Sweet and Spicy Walnuts

These beautiful nibbles are perfect served up in a little finger bowls around a party, and they are so easy to make.

Make sweet and spicy walnuts



Cinnamon-Roasted Almonds

Just like the carnival, these cinnamon-roasted nuts are always a welcome sweet party treat.

Make cinnamon-roasted almonds



Roasted Spiced Pistachios

Everyone loves pistachios. Why not add some extra spice and enjoy?

Make roasted spiced pistachios



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