The Debate Over Breakfast Continues with Heart Disease


A report from Harvard suggests that neglecting breakfast can increase your chances of suffering a heart attack.

A team of doctors at Cornell University recently published a report saying that eating breakfast is good for you to lose weight, because  it helps you lose weight by consuming less food, thus reducing the size of your appetite astoundingly. But other doctors are now saying something different.

Eric Rimm, Associate Professor of the Harvard School of Public Health, reported a study they conducted recently that found that by not eating breakfast you could increase the chance of heart disease. People who routinely skip breakfast in the study had an increased risk of suffering from a heart attack by an astounding 27 percent.

“It was somewhat surprising to us that even after we statistically accounted for differences in diet, smoking patterns, and exercise patters…you still see an elevated risk of heart attack…”said Rimm, as reported by NPR.


Americans have a tendency to skip breakfast entirely and in turn, according to the report, that can put an unnecessary strain on the body. This can result in insulin sensitivity, which can lead to high blood pressure and diabetes. Eventually, the metabolism slows down over time, and this, combined with high blood pressure and a risk of diabetes, could potentially lead to heart disease.