David Rosengarten Reinvented

It would be a shame for any avid food-lover not to know the name David Rosengarten. For over 25 years, the man has paved a path in the food industry, becoming one of the first stars of The Food Network, and sharing his knowledge and expertise as a journalist, television personality, and cookbook author. We recently dined with the James Beard Award Winner at a spectacular Upper East Side townhouse to celebrate his entry into the wine importing business and his Gastronomic Wine and Food Selections.

The evening began with light charcuterie and champagne out on the patio, where David explained his foray into wine importing. Rosengarten knows how to best enjoy wine, and that's when it's paired well with food. All of his wines are great for pairing and we were certainly in for a treat that evening when we put his wines — and food, to the test.

His chef prepared a delightful spread of dishes, including fresh halibut with peppers, creamy chicken sauté from Southwest India with African yellow fatalii hot sauce, and an outstanding grilled Japanese Wagyu rib eye with a shiso-miso glaze. This just gave us a glimpse into his Wagyu of the Month Club, where customers will receive a variety of Wagyu shipped directly to their homes each month of the year. Not only that, but you will also receive access to his amazing recipes, which will ensure that you prepare these meats to perfection.

The night had no shortage of wine, where diners tried everything from riesling and lambrusco to chianti and pinot noir. By far, our favorite of the evening was the incredible Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro, Semisecco Frizzante, Ca' Berti. All of the wines are available at David's Wine 4 Food Club.

If our evening was any indication of the success of David's new endeavors, they are sure to be a smash hit. Both food and wine lovers should flock to the store to try some of the top-notch beef, recipes, and wines for themselves.