David Chang's Momofuku Mixtape Tips

Just in case you all were wondering, the whole food/music pairing trend is still going on. It's not even worth reporting anymore, except David Chang just happened to write (or just give an interview) about his music choices, and it ends with this tidbit: "Give the mix an amazing name, such as MOMOFUKU BEST SUMMER MIX 2012 4EVAZ!!!!"

According to Chang, there are a couple of rules for an awesome playlist. "One simple rule: I play the music I want to hear if I'm eating in a restaurant, not what I think the customer wants to hear," he says.

This means "Work Hard/Play Hard" from Palace Music in every one of his restaurants, but his playlist excludes "all classical music and most jazz.... Current top 40 pop is out; techno-emo is a no-no, naturally, as are bands such as Enya, Travis, and Coldplay, which I consider only really appropriate as soundtracks for the most marginal of Max Brenner branches," Chang writes.

We assume this means "Call Me Maybe" is also out, which we're pretty bummed about. Definitely wouldn't mind some "Call Me Maybe" while downing some crack pie in his Williamsburg location.

Rules number two through four? "No eulogy worship when a music star passes away, and don't play the music of a musician if they happen to be eating at your establishment at that time. And absolutely no Morrissey. Ever." Still, though, his little guide leaves so many questions unexplored. Does Kanye work? He's top 40, but has enough cred. What about Frank Ocean? Anyway, now we're going to go scratch Katy Perry and Justin Bieber from our mix, renaming it THE DAILY MEAL'S CRACK PIE MIX 4EVA.