Daniel Humm And Will Guidara Dish About NoMad's Upcoming Menu

Video Produced and Edited by Ali Rosen

We've already told you about the "French countryside chateau" feel of Daniel Humm and Will Guidara's latest project, NoMad, but we've also gotten some tidbits about the menu.

Since the NoMad Hotel is less than half a mile away from Eleven Madison Park, both Humm and Guidara plan to be on site on a daily basis in both restaurants, although the NoMad kitchen will be helmed by former EMP chef de cuisine Abram Bissell.

Humm promises pasta dishes, seasonal salads, lobster, scallops, and fish, as well as a roasted chicken with a brioche crust.

"It's a little bit more of an organic way of cooking," Humm told us. "At Eleven Madison, everything has to have a certain look and consistency, but at this place, when you cook an animal, not every person is going to get the exact same piece. I think at NoMad, that's the approach."

The ground level restuarant will be split into a dining room, an atrium with a glass ceiling, a fireplace room, a bar, and a library with real, curated books, Guidara told us. The library will double as a cocktail lounge at night.

"We're really looking at it as one cohesive restaurant but just with different rooms that have different vibes," Guidara said.

As for room service, which is a "given," Humm said, the team is working with the hotel to create a menu of standard items.

"Sometimes you're in the room and you just want a chicken club, and you don't want something creative and you don't care who the chef down there is because you just want to eat something," Humm said. "We totally understand that."

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