The Daily Meal's 101 Best Restaurants In America For 2013 Panel

When it came time to begin the vast and complex task of identifying the country's best restaurants, we decided to field our distinguished peers for their opinions. 174 panelists completed the survey based on our master list, however, some preferred to remain anonymous. Here are the illustrious members of our expert panel.

Tamar Adler,  Founder,  Tamar E. Adler
Terra Baltosiewich,  Founder,  Café Terra
Tara Barker,  Founder,  A Baking Life
Katie Barscz,  Founder,  The Small Boston Kitchen
Michael Bauer,  Restaurant Critic,  Inside Scoop
Roger Beery,  Founder,  Bacchus and Beery Wine Blog
Evan S. Benn,  Food Critic,  St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Susan Benton,  Founder,  30A EATS
Heather Blackmon,  Founder,  Better With Veggies
Stephanie Boertlein,  Founder,  Small Girl Adventures
Dria de Botton,  Vice President of Editorial,  CityEats
Alyssa Brantley, Founder, Everyday Maven
Natalie Brewster,  Founder,  Piece of (Chocolate) Cake
Zach Brooks,  Founder,  Midtown Lunch
Jennifer Burcke,  Founder,  1840 Farm
Jackie Burrell,  Food Editor,  Bay Area News Group: Mercury News, Oakland Tribune, Contra Costa Times
Henry C.Gorino,  Restauranteur,  Oliver's Cuisine
Christopher Cina,  Founder,  Christopher Cina
Betsy Cohen,  Founder,  Desserts Required
Jim Cohen,  Executive Chef,  The Empire Lounge & Restaurant
Rachel Cossar,  Founder,  foodista on pointe
Becky Creighton,  Host,  Culinary Connectors
Ashley Day,  Founder,  Ashley N Day
Joe DiStefano,  Founder,  Chopsticks + Marrow
Michelle Dozois,  Writer,  HowAboutWe
Katie Drummond,  Founder,  Katie Drummond's Website
Jay Ducote,  Founder,  Bite and Booze
Jody Eddy,  Founder,  Jody Eddy
Shaena Engle,  Founder,  The Divine Dish
Emily von Euw,  Founder,  This Rawsome Vegan Life
Elizabeth Feichter,  Founder & COO,  Atlanta Food & Wine Festival
Elise Freimuth,  Founder,  The Lush Chef
Anthony Giglio,  Founder,  Anthony Giglio
Jane Goldman,  Vice President & GM,  CHOW
Gutter Gourmet,  Food Writer Extraordinaire,  Gutter Gourmet
Christina Grdovic,  Vice President & Publisher,  Food & Wine
Ellen Haertle,  Founder,  Bake It With Booze
Elaine and Scott Harris,  Founder, Cuisineist
Ronald Holden,  Founder,  Cornichon
Stephanie Hua,  Founder,  Lick My Spoon
The Food Hunter,  Founder,  The Food Hunter's Guide to Cuisine
Marc Hurwitz,  Founder,  Boston's Hidden Restaurants
Aki Kamozawa,  Founder,  Ideas in Food
Ashley Katsuyama,  Founder,  The Mommy Games
Evelyn Kim,  Founder, Edo Ergo Sum
Rachelle King,  Founder,  Blinded by the Bite!
Ray Lampe, Founder, Dr. BBQ
Robin Leach,  Host,  Vegas DeLuxe
Ben Lerer,  Founder,  Thrillist
Jordan Levy,  Founder,  Jordy's Restaurant Guide
Jim Love,  Founder,  Be Mindful. Be Human.
Erina Malarkey,  Founder,  The Attainable Gourmet
Rachel Manning, Founder, Connect a Bite
John Mariani,  Columnist,  EsquireBloomberg News
Anne Maxfield,  Founder,  Accidental Locavore
Vivi Mazarakis,  Founder,  Forking DC
Jonathan Meter,  Founder,  Bite Sized
Eva Meyer,  Founder,  Eva Bakes
Dr. Mike,  Founder,  What's Cooking with Doc
Virginia Miller,  Founder,  The Perfect Spot
Angela Moore,  Vice President,  Food Network Digital
The Modernist Cuisine Team
Kimberly Moore,  Founder,  The Hungry Goddess
Valaer Murray,  Head of Programming,  Tasted
Mike Newman,  Managing Editor,  Cool Material
Ruta Nonacs,  Founder,  Mix it Up
Kat Odell,  Editor,  Eater LA
Kristen Oliveri,  Founder,  Pasta's Kitchen
Kevin Van Pamel,  Founder,  The Family Feed
Penny Pollack,  Dining Editor,  Chicago Mag
Angel Postell,  Executive Director/Founder,   Charleston Wine and Food
Danielle Prestejohn,  Founder,  Clean Food Creative Fitness & Following Your Dreams
Judith Klein Rich,  Founder,  Fooditka
Lisa Riedl,  Founder,  Garnish with Lemon
Erica Rivera,  Founder,  MILF and Cookies
Jerry Russell,  Founder,  Cooking by the seat of our pants
Anne Noyes Saini,  Co-Creator,  City Spoonful
Heather Schmitt-Gonzalez,  Founder,  girlichef
Bruce Schoenfeld,  Founder,  Bruce Schoenfeld
Anjali Shah,  Founder,  The Picky Eater
Lisa Shames,  Dining Editor,  CS Magazine
Patricia Sharpe,  Executive Editor,  Texas Monthly
Amy Sherman,  Founder,  Cooking with Amy
Laura Siciliano-Rosen,  Founder,  Eat Your World
Tom Sietsema,  Restaurant Critic,  Washington Post
Brian Silverman,  Founder,  Fried Neck Bones...and Some Home Fries
Sarah Simmons,  Founder & Chef,  CITY GRIT
Ishita Singh,  Founder,  bites out of life
Brendan Spiegel,  Editor,  Endless Simmer
Batya Stepelman,  Founder,  Sparrows & Spatulas
Kathy Stephenson,  Food Writer,  The Salt Lake Tribune
Emily Stone,  Founder,  Chocolate in Context
JoAnn Maxwell Stougaard,  Founder,  MyLastBite
Sean Sullivan,  Founder,  Big Poppa Eats
Bret Thorn,  Senior Food Editor,  Nation's Restaurant News
John Tilson,  Founder & Managing Editor,  The Underground Wineletter
Ruth Tobias,  Founder,  Ruth Tobias/Denveater
Anthony Todd,  Food & Drink Editor,  Chicagoist
Christina Tosi,  Pastry Chef,  Momofuku Milk Bar
Aleah and Nick Valley,  Founders,  Valley & Co.
Phil Vettel,  Founder,  The Stew
Richard Wachtel,  Founder,  Grilling with Rich
Abbey Wade,  Founder,  Everyday Champagne
Leah Walker,  Founder,  Leah Travels
Siobhan Wallace,  Founder,  Blondie & Brownie
Lexi Van de  Walle,  Founder Lighthearted Locavore
Robb Walsh,  Food Editor & Critic,  Houstonia Magazine
Alan Watts,  Founder,  Men Who Dine
Nicole White,  Founder,  The Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie
Michelle Wong,  Founder,  Cravings of a Fat Girl
Tom Woodbury,  Founder,  Cook With Tom
Jessica Yadegaran,  Wine  Writer,  Bay Area News Group
Ruthie Young,  Founder,  the tasty tRuth
Ari Ziskin,  Founder,  Ari's Menu