The Daily Meal’s Guide to Thanksgiving Treats

Bring some sweets to your host or hostess this Turkey Day
Jane Bruce

Gear up for Thanksgiving with these confections!

If you’re not hosting the biggest eating holiday of the year this time around, you’re going to want to bring a gift. And whether that gift is a nice bottle of wine or a homemade pie, it’s the thought that counts.

We have a sweet spot for these Thanksgiving-themed treats, look and see!

We have to admit, though, we’re suckers for sweets, especially when they're gifts. With all of the wonderful flavors that fall brings — pumpkin, maple, pecan, etc. — these bites, from chocolates to macarons and even marshmallows, will make for a grand finale at your Thanksgiving dinner.

So flip through our favorite treat picks and see which tickle your sweet tooth, and then pick some up for a perfect host or hostess gift this year.


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