Czech Beer Festival Pours Into Prague

The 17-day festival offers the chance to eat, drink, and be merry
The Czech Beer Festival in Prague is a 17-day annual festival to celebrate Czech beer.

Some 10,000 beer aficionados can simultaneously gather under the huge beer tent at the Czech Beer Festival to sample over 70 Czech beers.

Beer aficionados are gathering under the largest beer tent in the Czech Republic to sample more than 70 brands of Czech beer at the Czech Beer Festival from Thursday until June 2 at the Exhibition Centre Prague-Holešovice (take the metro and get off at metro station "C" Nádraží Holešovice).

Some 10,000 people can sit in the massive 40-by-100-meter beer tent, which rivals the size of Munich’s Oktoberfest tents, where servers dressed in traditional Czech costumes bring armloads of glass pitchers of beer to the tables. The massive beer selection includes brews from large breweries and local microbreweries.

The Czech Beer Festival even has its own currency, the Tolar (one beer is two Tolars, which equals $4.60), which can be used to buy beer, food, and souvenirs like beer goggles and T-shirts.
Food from the Czech Republic’s best chefs, restaurants, and butchers will be served alongside the ice-cold draft beers. Live music and after-parties are included in the free admission. Na zdraví (cheers)!