Cutlery: Your Next Dating Wingman

A designer has created a set of spoons, forks, and knives to help ease the awkwardness of eating together on a first date

First dates might not be so awkward with these utensils.

Let's be honest here: nothing is more embarrassing than a dining faux pas on a first date (OK, maybe just a few things are). But a spill of soup there, a piece of flying escargot here, and usually we'll end up running home and flinging our phone into our closet.

Luckily, a designer has created a set of cutlery that is designed to make dining together less awkward. Cristina Guardiola has designed First Date Cutlery, a set that includes a soup spoon, knife, fork, and dessert spoon, all purportedly designed to enhance the dating experience. The soup spoon? Reportedly helps you drink from the right side, so you don't end up slurping.

And the forks and knives have magnet strips, which force the eater to cross their utensils and pause eating for a second, enabling conversation.

Even more adorable, the dessert spoon was designed for sharing; the oval shape of the spoon is rotated 90 degrees so that date partners can easily feed each other, without manuvering weird arm angles.

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Check out the set over on Guardiola's website to see if it will work for you. Personally, we've never been known to share dessert so the spoon might not work in our case, but everything else seems doable. Now if only someone would invent an alert system to let you know if you have something in your teeth.