Cutest Halloween Prank: Reverse Trick-Or-Treating

Sure, Halloween is over, but here is an idea for what to do with all your leftover Halloween candy: go reverse trick-or-treating.

A trio of pranksters walked around their city in costume, hiding behind a detached door with one or two bowls of candy, and some Halloween spirit. They set up in fast-food restaurants, grocery stores, college dorms, and other people's doorsteps, offering a treat or two to adults and children alike. Our favorite? Attaching the door to the side of the car and pranking the drive-thru attendees, or bringing the door through the grocery store checkout.

It may be too late to make this your Halloween costume, but next year perhaps? Or just get into the spirit, since Halloween was kind of canceled thanks to Sandy. Watch the adorably upbeat trio spread their Halloween spirit below, as baffled strangers become unplanned trick-or-treaters. Why can't this happen every day?