Cure Your Hangover with Mexican Food

Drink like a fish; eat a whole cow

Grasshopper Guacamole

Fact: Mexican food is excellent at curing hangovers. And it's not just confined to Cinco de Mayo — chow down on some greasy enchiladas, tuck into some beef machaca, or just eat something really, really spicy the morning after [insert drinking holiday here], and suddenly, the room stops spinning.

Some people might decry this reductive view of an entire cuisine. After all, there are many refined aspects and regional nuances to Mexican cuisine that aren't usually reflected at one's favorite burrito joint.

But nuance isn't really the plat du jour after a night of ribald, late-night, drunken revelry. Heck, it's an accomplishment just to bestir one's self from bed. So we've done some hunting around for classic Mexican recipes that will set things right again, and along the way of course, we found a few interesting twists. Just one thing though: The night before, make sure to draw straws and pick a designated cook. Open flames and delirium are never a good combination.

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