Cupcake-Bearing Thief Steals Car

Beware of snack-bearing neighbors
Wikimedia/Rosie & Richard's

Delicious cupcakes laid the groundwork for a woman to make off with her neighbor's wheels.

Beware of friendly neighbors bearing treats. Police in New Jersey say a woman charmed her way into her neighbor’s house with a friendly batch of cupcakes, but it was all a ploy to rob his home.

According to, 23-year-old Shannon Henry had showed up at her neighbor’s place before, looking to borrow money. The neighbor said nothing seemed amiss, and also she brought cupcakes, so he let her in.

The next morning the man noticed a bowl full of about $10 in change was missing, and so was his 2010 Kia. When he saw that it wasn’t in the garage, he called the police.

"On this particular day, she went to the house with cupcakes," said police sergeant Brian Metzler. "He let her in the house, and while she was there, that's when she took the keys."

Henry was savvy enough to realize the frosted baked goods would help her get access to her neighbor’s house, but not quite savvy enough to hide the car very well. Police found it just across the street in a church parking lot.

She handed over the keys when the police started questioning her, and she’s now being held on $10,000 bail on three counts of burglary and two counts of theft.

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