Culinary Optics: In the Studio with Neel Chaudhary

Neel talks to us about his journey to becoming a successful food photography blogger

Neel started in 2009.

How does one use light when photographing food? Back-light or side-light? What about the colors and the placement? What props should one use? Something that does not overwhelm the food? Should it be bold and moody, or white and high-key? What camera settings, what angle? There are many questions a food photographer and/or stylist needs to ask before they create an image that narrates a story in which the food is the hero.

Culinary Optics: In the Studio with Neel Chaudhary (Slideshow)

Everything from light and color to props and placement should make sense with the story the photograph is made to convey. Food photography has come a long way in the last couple of decades and it is only growing. Many of us are visual learners but some of us do need to develop an eye to create an understanding of how an image is born. Photography is a Greek word, which means drawing with light. The drawing with light needs to be developed and nurtured. That is the art of photography. Learn Food Photography was born from a need to help readers create and nurture this skill of painting with light. It is a great knowledge base for budding food photographers. We are going to be talking to the man behind the blog: Neel Chaudhary. 

If you have been a regular on LFP, you’ve learned from successful and renowned photographers. From professionals to bloggers to hobbyists, from creating an image of an ice cream to tutorials about light, camera angle, and detailed discussions about props and color, it’s a storehouse of information. We’re excited to interview the man who has spoken to almost every top food photographer and stylist there is. 

Neel is an engineer by profession and pursues photography as a hobby. Let’s hear a little about himself, his journey as a photographer, and the vision he has for his blog.


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