Crispy M&M's Spread

This Crispy M&M's Spread Is Like Nutella Filled with Candy, and We're Here for It

This new M&M’s spread is basically what would happen if you filled Nutella with candy
Crispy M&M's Spread

Crispy M&M's spread is like a chunky, candy-filled version of Nutella. 

Move over, Nutella. The famous Italian chocolate and hazelnut spread may be beloved enough to spark brawls in France, but it has a bit more competition in the U.K., now that the Mars has introduced a new M&M’s chocolate spread complete with crispy pieces and real candy shells.

According to The Sun, the new jars of M&M’s spread is a chocolate and hazelnut spread filled with real M&M’s chocolates with crispy centers, and candy shell pieces to give it texture. People who prefer chunky peanut butter to creamy peanut butter will probably want to give this a try, too.

If chocolate hazelnut spread is good, which it is, then it only stands to reason that a chocolate hazelnut spread filled with tiny crispy M&M’s would also be good. The culinary possibilities are endless. It could be spread on toast or crepes, like Nutella, or used to top cupcakes or ice cream. Surely someone will try mixing it with peanut butter, too.

People seem to be very excited about the news.


The new crispy M&M’s spread is only available at ASDA grocery stores at the moment, and it comes in family-sized jars that hold 350 grams, or just over 12 ounces of the crispy, creamy, chocolate candy spread for about $3.94. Everyone else will just have to content themselves with pouring crispy M&M’s into a jar of Nutella to see what happens. For more fun chocolate facts, check out these 10 things you didn’t know about Nutella.