Creationists Boycott Dr Pepper For 'Evolution Of Flavor' Ad

Dr Pepper has creationists riled up after a new ad that aired last week jokingly claimed that the "evolution of flavor" turned apes into man. 

The ad, TIME reports, is based off the famous image of the "March of Progress" diagram. It shows the "pre-Pepper," "Pepper discovery," and "post-Pepper" evolution of man. So far, the Facebook photo has garnered more than 6,500 comments and nearly 32,000 "likes." But many are not too happy about the evolution implications. After reading through the comments, it's clear that the ad has spurred on a huge debate between creationists, atheists, and everyone in between. 

Many say they will now boycott Dr Pepper for its apparent "pro-evolution" stance, while others say they'll keep drinking Dr Pepper. As one user noted, though, Dr Pepper may have gotten exactly what it wanted. Said Patrick Scroggin, "[Dr Pepper] created a controversy and [has] all this free advertising. And we all fell for it. To quote Homer Simpson: DOH!" If people will boycott Oreo's pro-gay rights ad, we can only imagine how long this boycott will last.