Create Your Own Scary Haunted House

Halloween is the one night of the year you're allowed to scare everyone who comes your way out of their wits — it's actually encouraged (just don't traumatize your victim so much that they're scarred for life). And the best way to have a little fun with your friends and trick-or-treaters is to transform your garage or a room of your home into a haunted house. Greet them at the door, a cackle in your voice, and warts on your nose, and say "Why hello, my dearies. C'mon in..."

On Halloween, the first impressions matter most when creating a haunted house — if the front entrance or lawn doesn't draw visitors in, then what will? Turn off the lights and instead use luminarias to light the walk, decorated with real-life tombstone rubbings. Ghosts hanging from trees and doorways, and paper bats "flying" in the breeze will complete the scene — as long as a chill-inducing soundtrack is playing.


When planning a haunted house, be forewarned that doing it well means it's going to be messy, from chips scattered on the floor, to puddles of "blood" created by a visit from the Grim Reaper, who will slice the forearms of whomever he finds. Enlist the help of some friends or family, as you will need to guide groups through the house, as well as have others assist, be it by dragging chains or revving a chainsaw. And if you're really looking to cause your guests to lose their appetites, after you torture them in a dark room, blindfold them and stick their hands into an array of ghastly bodily fluids and parts that is sure to make anyone lose their appetite.

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