Craft Brews In, Light Beer Out

Ed McBrien of MillerCoors admits he's the typewriter salesman in an iPad age

Light beer may be in some serious trouble, especially if MillersCoors is shelling out $50 billion to market itself against craft beer, wine, and spirits.

Bloomberg reports that the beer company is looking to revamp itself in the market, especially since U.S. beer sales have dropped for the past three years. Coors Light only posted a 1 percent increase in 2011, and of the top four light beers in the U.S., it's the only one still growing.

Not to mention that craft beers are now coming in canned versions. Light beer companies are revamping their look by producing higher alcoholic beers (Bud Light Platinum with 6 percent), as well as new cans (Miller Lite is slapping on "masculine blue graphics"). Perhaps they should enlist the help of Will Ferrell.