Of Course There's A Gangnam-Style Vodka Coming

If you find yourself needing a strong drink to rid yourself of "Oppan, Gangnam Style!" from resounding in your head over, and over, and over, you may be happy (too strong a word?) to find that soon there will be a Gangnam Style vodka to cure all your ills.

It's not exactly that the singer Psy has endorsed the vodka, the Huffington Post reports. Actually, a Russian company called Woobo International has filed a trademark claim in the U.S. for the phrase "Oppan, Gangnam Style," to use in three markets: action figures, vegetable-based snack foods (because that will get kids to eat their veggies), and "alcoholic beverages besides beer." That could also include cocktails and juices, reports RT.com. 

We can only hope that they'll serve the vodka and other drinks at the "Gangnam Style" restaurant. And we're pretty sure those In-n-Out workers were already buzzed on some Psy.