Could 'Diet Goggles' Fool You Into Eating Less?

With the growing obesity epidemic maybe a pair of 'diet googles' is just what the country needs. Japan has invented goggles that can change an ordinary snack into a cookie, or make something like biscuits appear larger.

The purpose of the goggles is to make wearers eat less and feel more satisfied with what they're consuming. So far the evidence looks promising— with an 80 percent success rate with those who tried the goggles, this could become a useful tool for those who want to lose weight.

Professor Michitaka Hirose at the University of Tokyo, has also created a device called the 'meta cookie' which manipulates the wearer with scents and visual trickery to promote healthier eating.

Although these projects aren't readyfor the market, the research team is looking into studying the effectiveness of these inventions with weight loss.

Do you think 'diet goggles' could be effective in losing weight?