Corn for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert

The title of Lisa Skye's cookbook, 'I Love Corn,' pretty much says it all
Heirloom Grains Part 2: Corn

I Love Corn

It may seem like summer is nearing its end, but we're willing to bet that your local grocery store or farmers market is still brimming at the ears with corn. (Sorry, but you had to know there was something corny coming.) So, if you're looking for a creative guide on what to do with all that corn, Lisa Skye's I Love Corn is a good place to start.

Skye went to considerable lengths to gather and test recipes from chefs around the country. Heavyweights such as Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Daniel Boulud, and Martha Stewart all generously contributed corn recipes for this cookbook. Each recipe is headlined by the chef's or author's name and the name of the restaurant, bakery, or pastry shop, when applicable, and for those who are a bit more curious, Skye includes a short biography on each contributor at the end of the book. Some recipes also include helpful notes from the chef at the end of the directions.

Skye takes a no-frills approach with I Love Corn and concentrates on the most important part of any cookbook: the recipes. There is a helpful section in the beginning with tips on what to watch out for when shopping for corn, some helpful advice on storage, and a brief overview of the different cooking techniques you can use with corn. Other than that though, there isn't a whole lot of extra material that distracts from the recipes. And sometimes, that's exactly what cooks want.


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