You Can Make More Than Rice in Your Rice Cooker

Use the steaming power of your rice cooker for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
You Can Make More Than Rice in Your Rice Cooker


Use the steaming power of your rice cooker to cook foods other than rice.

At first you may balk at the idea of a rice cooker. Unless you are making family-style portions of rice each day (nothing wrong with that if you do), you might not see the value in the appliance. After all, no one actually has counter space for all the one-note appliances out there, especially the large, expensive, bulky items.

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An appliance, no matter how cool it seems at first, needs more than one function to warrant a coveted spot on our counter tops. To the pleasure of many rice cooker fans out there, your rice cooker should more aptly be called a multi-cooker for all the sneaky foods it is able to cook perfectly.

You might not be surprised that rice pudding certainly makes the list, but did you think your rice cooker could make quick breads? How about frittatas? Yes, it’s time to rediscover all that your rice cooker can produce, making it our new favorite large countertop appliance, joining the ranks of the much cherished slow-cooker.

Check out these recipes that you can make right in your rice cooker.

Rice-Cooker Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding


You can make this rice pudding with or without dairy.

Check out this super simple rice pudding that can be made in your rice cooker. Just place the ingredients in the machine to cook, chill, and serve!

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Rice-Cooker Banana Bread

Banana Bread


Be sure to grease the inside of your rice cooker before pouring in the batter for this banana bread.

This recipe is basically a steamed cake. Here we use bananas to flavor the bread, but you could adapt most quick breads or muffin recipes for the rice cooker based on the ratios in this recipe.

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Rice-Cooker Frittata



Swap the kale for another in-season vegetable for this fritatta recipe.

Use the steaming power of your rice cooker to gently cook the perfect morning frittata. Swap vegetables for whatever is in season, and add sausage, bacon, or ham to make this recipe your own.

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