Turkey Hill All Natural Gelato Is Simply Delicious

This year, Turkey Hill Dairy, one of the fastest growing ice cream brands in the country announced the arrival of their All Natural Gelato. For whole-food-eaters, this was an amazing announcement that changed the game for supermarket desserts.

"Our loyal fans are looking for great taste and simple ingredients," John Cox, Turkey Hill Dairy president, said upon the news of the new products. "Given the success of Turkey Hill All Natural Ice Cream — and realizing Gelato is a rapidly growing category — we're excited to bring this traditional Italian ice cream to grocery store shelves, adding a touch of Turkey Hill's Lancaster County roots to every bite."

While some other commercial brands include ingredients like corn syrup, soybean oil, and gelatin, Turkey Hill All Natural Gelato contains just a few ingredients: fresh milk, real sugar, and flavors like salted caramel truffles, rich dark chocolate, pure vanilla beans, fresh fruit mango purée, and real hazelnuts. There are no additives and no preservatives. The gelato is churned slowly, allowing for less air to enter the custard, so the result is a gelato that has a richer mouth feel than traditional ice cream. It's as close to traditional Italian gelato as you'll get without stamping your passport.

Located in Lancaster County, Turkey Hill Dairy is right in the middle of Pennsylvania Dutch country. The Pennsylvania Dutch are famous for home-cooking with homegrown ingredients, so the addition of the all natural gelato to the Turkey Hill portfolio was a 'natural' fit. Plus, all flavors are gluten-free, so those with wheat allergies don't have to worry about hidden ingredients that might make them sick. Just a few simple ingredients and a tried and true technique are all it takes to create a dessert that is deliciously simple.